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The NLA-SA is the representative body looking after the interests of the large number of accredited and non-accredited laboratories in South Africa. This includes measuring, testing, calibration, verification and other bodies, as well as laboratories which operate in well-defined areas of R&D in the natural and applied sciences.

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The new quantum SI, measurement at the frontiers, smart and interconnected measurement and embedded and ubiquitous measurement are the four themes scientists have identified as defining Metrology for the 2020s, said Dr Martin Milton, Director of BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures), in his keynote address to the NLA-SA’s 2017 T&M Conference.

The new quantum SI(International System of Units) takes advantage of advances in quantum metrology by fixing the values of physical and atomic constants in revising base units, while measurement at the frontiers refers to those beyond the boundaries of today’s measurement capability, such as length scales from the atomic to the very large, and timescales from attoseconds to millennia. Smart and interconnected measurement makes use of networked information,using large numbers anddifferent types of sensors, integrating data from various systems and calibrating across networks throughdata fusion. Embedded and ubiquitous measurement infers that metrology capability will be at the heart of products and systems as technology converges. As a result, critical measurement systems will be in real timeand traceability will at the point of measurement.

Citizen Science was another important trend that is growing in importance, added Dr Milton, with interesting new devices readily available, such as anoise tube that turns a mobile phone into a noise pollution sensor and an air quality egg to collect readings on carbon dioxide concentrations.

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